Bonding with Your Teen Through Boundaries By June Hunt

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Discover a balanced, biblical way to set appropriate boundaries that will prepare your teen to live an independent, self-controlled, successful life. JUNE HUNT, one of the world's leading Christian counselors, shows you how. Using scores of tough real-life scenarios, June helps you learn to use boundaries--each linked to specific repercussions and rewards--to guide your teen through four critical areas of life: home, school, personal, and social. Each scenario is followed by concrete advice on what to do and what to say.Once you communicate the boundaries, your teen has a choice: Cross them or stay inside. At that point, the teenager--not you, the parent--chooses to receive the repercussion or reward. Behavior becomes linked to consequences, building maturity, trust and security. 
This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes new material that addresses the ever-increasing impact of technology on teenagers. 
Practical and realistic in its tone, June's biblical guidance helps you win--not a war, but a relationship of mutual respect.