God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge - Shawn Bolz

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Paul encourages believers in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to follow after love and to eagerly desire the gifts especially prophecy. He would never tell us to pursue something or give us hope for gifts in the church if we couldn't engage them. Words of knowledge are one aspect of the prophetic gifts that we can develop just like any other spiritual gift.

Shawn Bolz has been demonstrating a profound prophetic ability to share God's heart with people and know specific information about their birth, anniversaries, specific dates that have special meaning to them, personal information that no one else knows, family nicknames,  pet names, and more. All of these details help people get a sense that God cares intimately about their real life and wants to engage  them with deep relationship now. Learn to hear God in a way that impacts people’s lives around you the way Jesus did!