KJV Standard Lesson Commentary 2016-2017, softcover

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Teach adult Sunday school classes or enhance your personal Bible study with the trusted Standard Lesson Commentary. This best-selling annual Bible commentary offers fifty-two weeks of thorough Bible study with bible backgrounds, thoughtful questions, teacher tips, maps, charts, quizzes, and much more. Nearly two dozen ministers, teachers, and Christian education specialists provide the Bible commentary, lesson plans, discussion questions, and other features that make the Standard Lesson Commentary the most popular annual Bible commentary available.

As the companion to the Standard Lesson Quarterly curriculum, the commentary follows the International Sunday School Lessons / Uniform Series that takes students through the entire Bible in six years. The commentary is available in KJV, NIV, and ESV Bible translations and in different formats, offering the choice of hardcover, softcover, large print, and deluxe (large print with an eCommentary disc filled with additional resources). All formats match each other so that multiple versions can be used in the classroom simultaneously.

This is the KJV Standard Lesson Commentary 2016-2017 (regular size print) Softcover Edition: 8.5" wide x 6.5" long x 1" thick. 456 pages, softcover. The former Standard Publishing is now part of David C Cook publishing family.