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12 Things To Do After Deliverance

It's not always 'deliverance' thats needed.
Deliverance is not a show or performance.
& people do need deliverance.
But may God be glorified through it! Not the vessel or instrument being used to do deliverance.
There is a HUGE difference between idolizing someone vs. honoring them.
Ministry & deliverance is NOT always 'instagrammable'. It's not always looking pretty & exciting.
Ministry is work, it's surrender, it's decreasing in the flesh so God can increase in the Spirit.
The work that's done behind cameras in private when no one is watching.
We MUST continue to grow in God.
People get into God's presence to get delivered... but don't STAY in God's presence to STAY delivered.
That's discipleship.
There's a process out of being 'rescued from evil' & STAYING set free in Jesus name.
Praying for purity, reverence & REAL fear of the Lord.

12 Keys on what to do after deliverance:

1. Yield to the Lordship of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life.
2. Stay humble.
3. Put God first.
4. Meditate on the word day and night. Look up scriptures that pertain to what you have been delivered from. It is important to have a word to be able to resist the devil. Example: if you were delivered from the spirit of fear. Look up all the scriptures on fear and memorize them. And when the enemy tries to bring any situation or thoughts of fear. You have the word to say, as it is written in 1 Timothy 1:7, “God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”
5. Know who you are in Christ.
6. Pray without ceasing.
7. Turn away from all occult and any idolatry.
8. Get rid of things in your house that can cause an open door. Any decorations, artifacts, clothes, photos or any items that does not honor Jesus.
9. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a church that is biblically based, spirit filled and led by the Holy Spirit.
10. Attend Bible studies regularly.
11. Continue to live a life of Holiness, Righteousness, and Reverence to God.
12. Study the power and authority that you have as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
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