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8 Questions on How to Get Deeper with God

Happy new year!
Wanted to open the first email of the year with... 8 questions you can ask on how to get deeper with God.
#1 How have you given God time? -Are you taking your time seriously with the Lord? -Only giving time when you feel like it or are you diligent?
#2 How is your love for God? -Do you just say you love him, or do you walk with it? -Do you react carnally most of the time?
#3 How is your passion for God? -Do you just obey because of the benefits or because you want to please God? Do you have a sense of justice for what God wants?
#4 How's your understanding for the word? -Have you developed a deeper understanding?
#5 Do you like to worship Him? -Do you only like to worship when its certain songs or a certain way? or are you submissive to the Holy Spirit?
#6 How's your prayer life? -Do you pray w/o ceasing? -Do you only pray when you need/want something or do you talk to Him always?
#7 Do you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you? -Are you rigid or do you flow with the Holy Spirit?
#8 Do you allow the bible to change your character? -Are you transformed? -Yield to the Holy Spirit or flesh? Do you respond or react?
Take some time to ask yourself these questions above.
Spend time with the Lord, meditate, pray, & seek His face.
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